Preview Night Fall 2013

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Re: Preview Night Fall 2013

Postby Bootkiller on Fri Nov 22, 2013 3:25 am

Zaku wrote:
qPenguin wrote:
6.5 - Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru
well then

Were you expecting a higher or lower score?

hoping for a higher score. I like that show a lot. Besides, aren't we all 8man?

I like the show a lot, and a number of people saw it as an interesting take on a romcom.

However, showing the first episode as a preview was a poor choice on my part. Because time is spent in the first episode introducing Hikigaya, Yukinoshita, and what the club does, there isn't much more than the two of them sitting in chairs and talking. The rest of the show is much more lively, but people don't get to see that at a preview night.

Such is the primary problem with a preview night, and why we always watch at least 2 episodes (I usually end up watching more) when screening shows for SPAMM.

Some of the shows had other reasons (nobody knowing what the fuck is going on from only the first episode of Sasami-san, for example) for being more poorly rated, some people rated slower-starting shows like Sasami-san, Gin no Saji, Golden Time, ROMCOM SNAFU, and Free! with lower scores because there wasn't enough stuff happening.

The single-episode problem also occurred with Kill La Kill, which has WAY more fanservice in the first episode than the rest of the episodes. There are other issues with the first episode (the pacing comes to mind), but the main one some people had was that the first episode left them uncomfortable with how blatant and in-your-face the fanservice was. I've had to explain to people (mostly the other officers) that the rest of the show tones it down starting at even the second episode. I'm by no means saying there is no fanservice (although it at least evens the field with the homeroom teacher) past the first episode, but I think that it tones it down to about the level that Gurren Lagann had.

If I was even able to show episode two of each of these shows, I have a feeling there would have been at least a few better scores.

One last note similar to the thought of this post:

Just a warning - while relatively brief, I'm not particularly chipper in the following. This happens very rarely.

I don't know who turned in the survey with no scores, and bashed all 6 shows that the writer had stayed for. You can see the comments as the last ones for each show in the expanded list of scores and comments (it just happened to be the last one on the pile).

I just want to say whoever you are, I hate your survey.

Please don't get me wrong. I'm perfectly fine with people having different opinions, especially on something as relatively unimportant as anime preference. The whole point of preview night is to get opinions other than ours and apply them to our scheduling decisions.

However I feel like the comments on this survey are overly critical of superficial details. Considering that most first episodes are meant to introduce characters and sometimes introduce major plot points, I don't know what the writer was expecting. The writer's comments on most of the shows denote a lack of character development, so much to the point of the ROMCOM SNAFU comment saying that it "does not lead to any interesting character, emotional, or plot developments".

How much development did you expect in the first fucking episode? You can't develop what hasn't even been introduced. When a show/game tries to do that, you usually get a confusing clusterfuck where you have no idea what people are doing or why.

When I would explain my thoughts on this to people, I related it to someone saying "I watched the first 20 minutes of the first Lord of the Rings. Why don't I know what the whole plot of the entire trilogy is by now? THESE MOVIES SUCK".

Honestly, I probably would not have been so pissed at this had it not been for my decision to go through all the surveys right after SPAMM (which means it was past midnight before I was finished), and this was literally the last one I had to enter into the post.

Like I said, I don't know who the writer was (and I don't need/want to know), but I find that survey to be insulting, useless, and I'm very relieved there were no numeric ratings, as I would have felt bad to need to lower all of the average scores because one person decided to be an ass.

Petty side note: " "Rule of Cool" " on the Kill La Kill comment? Really? I remember spending high school reading tons of TVTropes from time to time. In some respects, I was a stupid shit when I was a kid.

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Re: Preview Night Fall 2013

Postby Zaku on Sat Nov 23, 2013 12:19 am

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Re: Preview Night Fall 2013

Postby chronomeister on Sat Nov 23, 2013 1:14 am

Don't let it get to ya too much boots. Remember that if you show a series in SPAMM that the first episode sometimes makes or breaks an entire show so even if it does get better later some may not care anyway.

Bootkiller wrote:However, showing the first episode as a preview was a poor choice on my part.

Sometimes even this isn't a good thing. Remember show the third episode of Madoka because the first two are shit but I don't think I helped any. Still rated bad.
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