SPAMM Events Spring 2014

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SPAMM Events Spring 2014

Postby HyruleanCookieZelda on Mon Jan 13, 2014 1:31 pm

I tried to plan dates around nearby conventions. I will not be planning a formal SPAMM trip to ACEN, but anyone is encouraged to use the SPAMM message boards to organize a trip to ACEN or any other nearby conventions.

January 25-“Welcome Back” Kusaka Trip – See thread for details!

February 8-Dubuque Trip::
Ichiban for lunch, then the mall, Best Buy, any other place people want to go

March 8-Madison Trip::
Takura’s for lunch, State Street shopping (maybe?), Half-Priced Books and Pre-played.

April 5-Mitsuwa’s Trip::
Mitsuwa’s for lunch and shopping, Woodfield Mall, and Your-Guess-is-as-Good-as-Mine for dinner (why, Gino's, WHY? :cry: )

Anime Milwaukee: Feb. 14-16
Plattecon: Feb. 28-March 2
No Brand: April 25-27
ACEN: May 16-18 (weekend after finals)
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