Macross FB7: Listen to my song!

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Re: Macross FB7: Listen to my song!

Postby dirked on Mon Jun 24, 2013 8:21 pm

The Japanese home video release of the film was a few months ago, and I finally got around to watching it. Enjoy this dissertation of the film.

Written, directed, and edited by the original director of Macross 7, Tetsuro AMINO, this film is intended to be a recap of the entirety of the Macross 7 T.V. show. With a running time of only 90 minutes including the credits, one wonders how you could possibly fit 49 episodes into 3.

The movie setup is that the Fokker clone and the Okama are driving along when they are suddenly attacked by a bird. They scare away the bird, but notice that it left something for them. A VHS tape of Fire Bomber. Of course, this leads to them getting a VHS deck and watching it. :megaton: I wish I was making this up. Why a VHS tape when Macross 7 is set in the future? It is a mystery.

As they begin to watch the tape, more of the cast of Macross F joins in. Two of the three fujoishi triangle are there. Conspicuously absent is the fulcrum of the triangle, Alto. Which is strange considering that in the recent PS3 game, Alto had a larger amount of dialogue than most of the cast. There is also the loli, Sheryl, Ranka, and that female Destroid pilot. Not that much of the runtime is spent with the Macross F cast which is a good thing.

Most of the movie is pan-scanned footage from Macross 7. With the recent release of Macross 7 on blu-ray they had excellent footage to utilize. All they had to do was crop it. Well, that was all they had to do; not what they decided to do. Because this being watched on VHS, they applied a horrible filter to the video so that the farther from the center the more off the RGB becomes. The Macross 7 blu-ray's do not suffer from this problem.

Here is a still from the movie.

This is the lower right of that still. Notice how the RGB colors don't overlap correctly.

Here is the shirt of Mylene near the center. Notice how the colors are correct.

As the plot of the film advances, the VHS tape runs out. So then, the bird comes back and delivers more VHS tapes. :megamegaton: Multiple times. :purpleguy:

Enough of that Macross F junk, let's get back to the main point of this film. The recap of Macross 7. When you have to cut over 16 hours of time from a series, you have to gut it and then gut the guts and then squeeze 'em dry. How did Tetsuro AMINO solve this problem? Jump cuts. Yes, it is the film equivalent of watching a VLOG on youtube, but worse.

Let me give you some examples of the editing. No characters are ever introduced. They just begin talking. If it wasn't for the Macross F cast naming a few of the characters, you would have no idea who anyone was. Characters, who were important in the series, appear in the foreground without ever having, or will have been, introduced. One of the Protodeviln's introductions was the scene he died in. The story arc where Basara loses his voice, which in the series lasts for many episodes, is cut down to 10 seconds. 10 seconds. :megamegaton: Basara is shown straining to sing for a few seconds, inexplicably because they didn't have enough runtime to explain why. Then, he regains it before you can even realize what is happening.

Eventually, the "recap" of Macross 7 completes, and the identity and "motivation" of the bird is revealed. I'll leave that one as a present for those of you foolish enough to watch this movie.

Watching the VHS tapes of course makes the cast of Macross F want to dress up and sing Fire Bomber songs. What proceeds is a short concert of just that. This also happens to be where the entirety of their budget went. The concert animation is about equal to the ones in the Macross F T.V. show, and the rest of the sakuga previously in the film is not particularly good.

After plugging your ears from the butchering of Yoshiyuki FUKUYAMA's wonderful music, the credits roll. Now, you might be wondering where that one light at the end of the tunnel is. That new Fire Bomber song that you were promised. It didn't play during the movie, and the credits are rolling with it nowhere to be heard. The new song does appear during the credits. It isn't the first song, but the last.

This film leaves many questions in your mind after you watch it.
Why did they think they could cram 49 episodes in 3? Did they think not explaining anything is a good idea.
Who is the target audience of this film? Macross 7 is "too old" for Macross F fans, and nothing in this movie is comprehensible unless you have watched the Macross 7 T.V. show.
Why did they make this? It isn't a cash in as this stinker was guaranteed to lose money.

This is probably the worst anime movie I have ever watched. There is no expression, art, logic, or reason for it to exist. It's existence is explained equal to the plot.
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Re: Macross FB7: Listen to my song!

Postby Zake on Tue Jun 25, 2013 3:19 pm

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Re: Macross FB7: Listen to my song!

Postby Niehaus on Tue Jun 25, 2013 10:35 pm

This sounds like it needs to be dynamite exploded, with dynamite.
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