Boots Talks Way Too Much About Inferno Cop

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Re: Boots Talks Way Too Much About Inferno Cop

Postby chronomeister on Tue Mar 19, 2013 6:14 pm

Doze credits.
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Re: Boots Talks Way Too Much About Inferno Cop

Postby Bootkiller on Tue Apr 30, 2013 2:34 am

Man, It's been a while.

Like, over a month. I had orignally planned on making the last episode's post after MST3K night, where the entirety of Inferno Cop was shown (not because it's bad, mind you, but because there was no other way I was able to forcibly show the masses) in sort of a hype moment for anyone who had read this thread.

Well, anyone who cares has probably seen the last episode by now, but dammit, I'm not going to let this thread die with one more episode to talk way too much about! LET'S DO THIS

Episode Final: Let's search for tomorrow

Welp, along with being the final one, this will also be a long one. Why do I say this? Because the video is 12 MINUTES AND 40 SECONDS LONG. This doesn't seem all that bad by anime standards but when you think about it that's the span of, like, three episodes of Inferno Cop.

We hear Inferno Cop thanking Hellfire Boy for reminding him of who he is and his reason for fighting. With this realization in hand, Inferno Cop gathers his powerful fire and begins to glow a bright gold. Claudia gasps and realises that the power of this new form, which she calls Glitter Inferno Cop, is capable of breaking her perfect world.


With the powers of a god, Glitter Inferno Cop indeed breaks the power Claudia had over the world, reverting all of the other Inferno Cops back to their original forms. Now the final fight begins.

Claudia starts off with a machine gun coming out of a compartment on her preggers(?) belly, but her bullets have no effect on Glitter Inferno Cop. He then starts to beat the shit out of Claudia, while everyone cheers him on. After knocking her away with an explosion from his gun, Claudia finds her moment to attack that she had been waiting for.

She calls out "Claudia Boomerang!" Oh, is her dumb head thing gonna fly off?


Nope. Her entire body below the neck launches towards Glitter Inferno Cop.

As it's just about to hit him, we see a familiar chain gun fire and destroy the Claudia Boomerang before it reached its intended target. Yup, Mecha Cop and Auntie Grenda had come from Hell in order to save him from certain death!

Glitter Inferno Cop gives a small speech about the power of possibility that humans have and decides that this is where it ends, at which point his hand explodes into this large demonic form.


We find out from the southern cross leader that this is known as the sealed forbidden Devil Satan Hellhound Grenda's Kind Hand. He determines that Glitter Inferno Cop is likely trying to sacrifice his life in order to take Claudia down with him.

With one final charge, both combatants fly towards eachother. The hand ends up going through Claudia's head first, and EXPLOSIONS HAPPEN. I don't know if you could possibly have thought that explosions would be involved in the final clash.

As the light dims, we see that both Inferno Cop and Claudia are gone. We see Hellfire Boy (holding Hellfire Boy Bread) ask his mother (who I guess was April O'Neil all along) if Inferno Cop has died. She says... probably. We then see an ICPD badge fall from the sky, and land at Hellfire Boy's feet.

We then cut to black, and a voiceover (who I assume to be an older Hellfire Boy) talks about how he's not sure whether everything that happened in Jack Knife Edge Town involving Inferno Cop was real, or just an illusion.


Apparently everyone forgot about Inferno Cop, and the badge had vanished. Hellfire Boy doesn't mind, though, as peace has been restored.

Well, at this point, we're about four minutes into the episode, so what in the hell is going to happen now?



Episode Rating: A + 5 Stars FOREVER

Welp, that was a crazy fuckin' ride. I can easily say this is hands-down my favorite anime of all time. No other show I've seen has given me so many surprises with each episode, and the fact that so much happens in a span of about 45 minutes astounds me.

When shown at the SPAMM MST3K night, the audience was very polar. People either thought this show was fucking retarded, or the best show in existence. Of course, I'm in the latter. I'm a little sad to see some of the people feel such pain, but I can't say I didn't enjoy the night.

Please go see Studio Trigger's new production Little Witch Academia.It's actually animated, as this was where most of the Inferno Cop money went to. One of the recipients of this year's Young Animator Training Project (others being productions by studios GONZO, MADHOUSE and Zexcs), I found the 25 minute OVA to be pretty good, and very good looking. Give it a try, whether you liked Inferno Cop or not.

Now that I've finally finished Inferno Cop, I'll be moving on to my next thread idea pretty soon. I'm thinking of making a thread containing random shows that I find that others may have overlooked. More likely than not it would be in a format where I'd make only a post or two describing the show, as opposed to an episode-by-episode review. Should be fun!

Don't miss it!

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