Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

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Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

Postby KJ on Thu Oct 29, 2015 6:47 pm


Here's a show not for those easily offended by the most fan-servicey anime since Kill La Kill. This show is pretty much every Revolutionary Girl Utena doujin ever made with Utena being the "Top". Heavy amounts of petting and going to second base so their partner can power up and turn into a crazy weapon. What I haven't quit figured out ( only up to episode 3) is does the weapon take shape based on the girl transforming or the girl copping the feel. Putting it into the proper terms the girl turning into the weapon is called an Exter and the girl wielding the weapon is the Liberator. Does the Liberator decide the type of weapon or id it based on the Exter. Either way this show full of crazy Skryd style fights and a whole mess of nudity (unless you're watching it on crunchy roll like me, then its edited to hell). All in all I give this show a 8/10 just for sheer weirdness.... and boobs :-P
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