World Trigger

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World Trigger

Postby KJ on Mon Nov 02, 2015 4:27 pm


Here's a show that been going on for over 50 episodes, and I never heard of it until around episode 20 I think. Synopsis is the world was attacked my Aliens dubbed Neighbors and they caused crazy amounts of damage and death before being put to a stop by an underground organization known as Boarder, who were using the Neighbors weapons against them. These weapons were called Triggers and were powered by an energy source called Trion that is found in every human. This energy was why the Neighbors were attacking in the first place, to abduct people to take their Trion and power their war machines. Well our main hero Osamu Mikumo is a clumsy trainee with boarder trying his best to help fight the good fight, he meets a kid name Kuga Yuuma who turns out to be a neighbor is looking to start a new life in the home country of his father ( who actually was from earth and a part of original Boarder), some more things happen and a lot of fights with these Trigger weapons again creepy looking monsters sent by Neighbors. All in all I give this one 9/10. I like it, the characters are interesting, there's more to the neighbors than is lead on and I feel its worth the watch.
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