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Postby KJ on Fri Jan 01, 2016 9:44 pm

Hey Otaku club members, I have had a great week off from work and binge'ing the hell out of shows on the Funimation Stream and Crunchy Roll. Watching everything from Tenchi Muyo War on Geminar (third time) to Asobi Ni Iku yo (Cat planet cuties) and while browsing the TV-MA section of Funimation is saw the title Jormungand, read the description and figured what the hell

You might want to watch this show if you answer yes to any of the following questions. Do you like Black Lagoon? Do you like Darker than Black? Do you like a show that's two parts action, one part dark humor and half part fan service? At the time of me writing this little rant I've gone through episodes 1-22 in two sittings and man has this show impressed me so far. Its been funny, suspenseful, scary and full of feels since the get go and I'll probably finish the rest tonight. The story centers around a Child Soldier who hates arms dealers and the weapons they sell since his parents were killed and an air raid to show off a new fighter jet and missile. Ironically though his new job is to be the bodyguard for a wealthy but young female arms dealer who has a squad of bodyguards that very from and explosives expert to former mafia chauffeur. So what does she need this former child soldier for? Well you'll just have to watch and see for yourself. Over all I give it 9/10, if I was more of a fan of weapons and ward movies and the like it would easily be a perfect score, still I throw it in my list of recommended sees.

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