Preview Night Spring 2014 Results

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Preview Night Spring 2014 Results

Postby Bootkiller on Tue May 13, 2014 5:37 pm

Alrighty, here are the results of the Preview Night we had as the last meeting this semester! Sorry about taking a week to get this done, as finals week gave me some non-finals related issues.

For those who don't want the specifics, the final results are as follows:

8.19 - Black Bullet
7.97 - Hamatora
7.76 - Servant X Service
7.65 - Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (Irregular at Magic High School)
7.64 - D-Frag!
7.19 - Hitsugi no Chaika (Chaika: The Coffin Princess)
5.23 - Sidonia no Kishi (Knights of Sidonia)

And now the specific results, in order of showing. Other than Hitsugi no Chaika and Sidonia no Kishi, all shows had their first episode shown at Preview Night. These two shows mentioned had their second episode picked.

Once again, comments will be included, as close to the written spelling, grammar, punctuation, bolding and underlining as I can muster. I use semi-colons to separate multiple comments by the same person. Read at your own risk. I assume there aren't many English majors at SPAMM...

Servant X Service - 17 scores, average score: 7.76
6 - Not really my kind of anime
8 - Starts slow and picks up the Humor quick; mood hair; that eccelated quickly x2; He is good with people
6 - avg slice of life
7 - Nice characters, but not a great hook. Might get old quickly.
8 - Dat name
8 - Silly, reminds me of working!
No score given - Not here for this one
No score given - I never thought I'd see a show about the civil sector. Good practice for real world disappointment, save for all the moe tropes. Frankly, I don't see the point. If the show actually stopped and decided what it wanted, slice of life or plot-driven narrative or comedy, the execution would be much more effective. Okay first episode
9 - I liked this, reminded me of Working. It's really funny!
6 - This is cute, not sure where it's going; It may make a cute slice-of-life; I worry about it being boring
9 - Great replacement for Working!!
8 - Might be cool, has potential
9 - Working-esque and good portrayals of jerks.
7 - not quite as good as Working, but good.
8 - good, but Might get old after a while
8 - working feeling with a different atmosphere. if it picks up a little in pace then defenitly a good option for the schedule

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (Irregular at Magic High School) - 17 scores, average score: 7.65
9 - The amount of magic shenanigans was sufficient.
6 - magic tech is kind of interest; unneccary ranking system is unneccesary
9 - a good amount of action/SoL, picks up at 3rd episode
6 - Bland Characters; nothing new happening. Rather just rewatch Darker than Black
9 - Pretty magic effects; Cool they're self aware of bro-sis weirdness
9 - the programmer in me loves the description they give for how magic works; intriguing main character; Naruto can't hold a candle to these magic ninjas
No score given - Not here for this one
No score given - I hate first episode exposition dumps that last only 2 minutes. It's a lazy means to explain why the world has changed. This usually incurs an entire episode exposition dump about people, places and events. Okay, but it comes at the price of zero emotion. If the creators don't care about what is going on, why should I? The fight was good, but 2 out of the 24 minutes is not worth it.
8 - Looks interesting, but occasionally awkward
8 - Tatsuya seems a bit arrogant; Onii-sama!?! Little bit of an Angel Sanctuary - The set-up seems pretty good and the pacing is a little better than the first show
7 - It has potential, but I'm worried about it's speed.
6 - A little too incest-y, but could definitely be good
5 - It was an exposition more than anything else, so I'm not sure
10 - i'd love to see this as slot 2-3
9 - a persona-esk main character in a magic-tech setting. seems promising

Hamatora - 17 scores, average score: 7.97
9 - I dig it.
6 - Darker then Black nock off
9 - Nice premise with good style. A little derivative, but could be fun.
7 - Really odd banter, so random; cool powers; Neat activation; LSD!
9 - reminds me a bit of Darker Than Black; interesting characters/powers
No score given - Not here for this one
No score given - Good first episode. However, I feel as if the show should choose either to focus on PI jobs or minimum powers. It's a good start, but needs a better focus.
6 - Meh, not too interesting.
9 - I like the action aspect; - strange camera angles; Smart humor; Worry that all the action is in the first ep.; Fast-pace in a good way
10 - That was AWESOME!
6 - It's alright
8 - What.
8 - Odd, has potential; Also I called what was in the safe.
9 - Fun, Fast paced; Perhaps a 6th slot.
7.5 - I love the animation in this, but the randomness is a little more than I'd expect.

D-Frag! - 18 scores, average score: 7.64
8.5 - Random show is random
9 - Good characters with fun ideas. Looks like it would be interesting.
10 - Hilarious; Best little girl; Game Dev Club!; Ridiculousness highly acceptable
9 - cute, funny, I love making games so I can relate a bit
10 - saw the second half of this one
No score given - This shit is weirder than my private collection of [REDACTED] I found online. It doesn't take itself Seriously, and its straight-faced bait-and-switch humor really works to its advantage. Equal parts self depreciative and stoic fun.
3 - No! Too stupid to keep me watching. Absolutely not!
5 - Hyper extended Love Chuunibyo-Cromartie High School mashup on energy drinks? Not my style, but I could see how some would enjoy it
8 - I don't know what this is, but I like it.
8 - Crazy, violent, would watch.
10 - Fucking Awesome
10 - great showstopper 4th slot
9 - hilarious! shananagans!

Black Bullet - 16 scores, average score: 8.19
10 - funny and interesting character; nice Balance of action; much more to come
7 - Nice concept, too many comparison to Attack on Titan. Not bad but save for Spring at earliest
7 - Interesting Mask-guy
7 - I love the villain
10 - I approve.
No score given - Eh. Cliché + unoriginal, but competent.
9 - Looks really cool!
6 - Similar themes to Attack on Titan; Not necissarily bad, just interesting; I don't feel there's anything special or unique about the show, especially cuz we showed AoT already
8 - Interesting concept.
9 - Pimpin; Attack on Kaiju
8 - I want to see more of this

Hitsugi no Chaika (Chaika: The Coffin Princess) - 16 scores, average score: 7.19
8 - Interesting. Collection anime kinda like Inuyasha, but less annoying.
6 - Get the thing for the stuff; Neat juxtaposition of setting and technologies; Might have too veiled a backstory with all the standoffs? Check pace; Speech impediment neat
7 - adorable, mysterious; personal favorite
8 - I would be okay with this one, its great but I'd rather have Black Bullet
7.5 - Meh, looks different and cool, but the way the girl talked was really annoying.
7 - The enemy is the main character?? Ganondorf, wtf are you doing here? lol; EGL w/a BFG; Could be interesting, if it follows the bad guys
8 - Unintentionally funny, kind of hard to take seriously at times
8 - If I could only pick one show from this list to show up next semester, this is the one
8 - #swag
7.5 I'm curious but unsure how much I will like it

Sidonia no Kishi (Knights of Sidonia) - 15 scores, average score: 5.23
4 - Hard to keep track of people; Little context
6 - interestingish
2 - Unsettling. CG animation, crazy monsters, and crazy masked/bear characters. No one has a personality. Very underwhelming.
5 - Offputting with 3D cel-shading style; Really odd setting; Framerate feels odd; New society adjustment looks interesting; Gauna discomforting (squirmily germilies); Bear-woman-robot!
4 - I hate the art style, I feel like there are better mecha shows
5 - I really enjoyed the plot/ideas of this anime, but the art style was distracting
5.5 Seems like a cool story, but the animation annoyed me. It just seemed to robotic.; I'M IN SPACE! :)
No score given - I'm not sure if I care for the animation/art style - but that's a personal thing. The movements seem robotic and stiff in some parts. Srs business Super Troopers? War/Mecha anime isn't my thing, so I feel like I can judge whether this is good or not. I'd pass, personally.
10 - Pacific Rim: IN SPACE
6 - I'm in space!
3 - didn't particularly care about it

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